• Del Trio

    Is a family owned business with offices in Kentucky (USA), Houston (USA) and TorreĆ³n (Mexico). The company was founded back in 2014 by Alejandro, Esteban and Javier with a huge passion for innovation, a small office and a huge dream. A dream so big that in a short span of time has developed into a 180,000ft2 facility and exports to 4 different continents. It all started with a very clear objective: to give consumers back time so that they can spend it harvesting healthy relationships with the people they care about. We wanted to help consumers have access to guacamole fast and reliably without having to spend their precious time in the kitchen when they could be spending it with their loved ones.

  • This sparked the first idea to create a squeezable guacamole that could be used just like ketchup or mayo. After developing the first prototype, we went out into the market and started selling it in local supermarkets and restaurants. Soon after, this local product became regional and then national. This created an important inercia that led us to lease a small warehouse in which we built a more adequate manufacturing line to be able to continue scaling. Especially given that our goal was always to export our products to markets where avocado availability was limited.

  • Things progressed and by 2018 we had created a new product catalog, we had added a second warehouse, we had certified our facility, and we had started exporting our products to multiple countries around the world. This led to us working with important international brands and chains that forced us to continue growing quickly and strengthening our team.
    Today we can proudly say that Del Trio Del Trio has a 180,000ft2 facility, we have presence in 4 different continents, we sell to retail, food service & industrial and we are one of the avocado processing and commercializing leaders in the marketplace.









We believe that Healthy Relationships are the key to happiness.

By creating Healthy products that allow you to share incredible moments.

We make Healthy & delicious Food Products.

Del Trio Tree

Is a graphic representation of what's become the DNA of the
company. It's a graphic representation of a strong philosophy
that has become part of our internal and external culture and
a daily reminder that building strong and healthy relationships
with those around us will ultimately lead us to living happy

This is a philosophy we take very seriously, that starts with the
3 founders (Del Trio) and that is being permeated to everyone
who is collaborating with Del Trio. Whether it's an employee, a
supplier, a broker or a client, we are convinced that building
healthy relationships will improve the quality of life of everyone
surrounding Del Trio.

The roots of the Del Trio Tree represent our 3 founders that created the company with
a strong philosophy in mind: Healthy Relationships are the key to happiness.

The stem of the tree represents the company, which is what links all of the parts

The branches represent all of the internal and external teams that collaborate with
Del Trio and that enable us to create healthy and shareable products.

The avocado at the top represents the products we create as a result of a strong
philosophy and a great team of collaborators.