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What’s different about Del Trio’s products?

When you taste Del Trio’s products you’ll notice a completely different and superior sensory experience to that of our competitors. The reason for this is that we chose fresh ingredients over dehydrated or powdered ingredients, which allows us to provide a completely different experience that you will surely appreciate. You will also notice that our recipes have been extensively tested and balanced to guarantee a superior taste.

Are Del Trio’s products all natural?

Yes, 100%. Del Trio does not use preservatives or artificial ingredients in its products. In fact, Del Trio choses to use fresh ingredients to ensure an outstanding sensory experience.

Are Del Trio’s products Gluten Free?


Are Del Trio’s products Non-GMO?


Are Del Trio’s products Non-Dairy?


What shelf life do the products have?

– Frozen shelf life: 24 months.

– Refrigerated shelf life: 60 days.

What’s the best way to thaw the product?

Simply leave it in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

How can I speed up the thawing process?

We strongly advice against thawing the product outside of the refrigerator. However, if you absolutely need to slack it out fast, be sure to do it by submerging the product into ice cold water.

Can I re-freeze the product?

Del Trio does not recommend re-freezing the product because freezing can compromise the characteristics of the product like texture and taste.

Are avocados as good as we’re told?

Absolutely! Avocados are highly nutritious because they contain good fats, fiber and approximately 20 different vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

Is it normal for the product to release water as it becomes warm?

Del Trio uses fresh fruits and vegetables, so it is absolutely normal to have some water appear as the product goes warm. If this happens, simply stir the product and continue consuming. No problem there!

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